We have been operating in Soverato since 2013 with the aim of investing in nautical tourism and in the main services connected to pleasure boating, making use of professionalized staff, boats, machinery and functional and technologically advanced structures that guarantee our customers a high-profile, certified result at competitive prices and in compliance with the established times.

 The company promotion passes through the loyalty of the customers with whom a relationship of extreme trust and “familiarity” is immediately established because Blue Marine believes that the word of mouth of those who were satisfied constitutes the best advertising in the region.

“We take care of your boat from A to Z, leaving you only the pleasure of a holiday”.

The company has a registered and operational headquarters in Caldarello in the industrial area of Soverato with an exhibition of new and used boats and a mechanical workshop and a second unit in Turrati Mare with boat shed, launch corridor for hauling and jetty during the season. summer. For the land transport of boats, the company has tractors with a mechanical coupling system, a forklift for lifting boats and cars for road transport.

The core business is the rental of boats and rafts, a service that the company offers declined in different offer options based on the needs of demand. There is a rental package for those who want to spend one or more days on a boat with friends and a specific offer for lovers of sport or amateur fishing and observation of the seabed. Blue Marine also deals with the sale of boats (boats and rafts) and new and used engines, retail trade of accessories in the nautical sector, the restoration and refitting of boats and superyachts or the aesthetic-functional restyling of even dated boats, able to give new life in terms of comfort, technology and safety, with the introduction of more technological elements to improve navigation, performance, consumption, with certainly lower costs than buying a new boat.

“There are many customers who prefer to fix their boat instead of buying a new one, especially those who reserve care, love and respect for their boat and the sea”.

 Among the services, there is the garaging with maintenance and conservation interventions during the winter period and the mechanical repair service of inboard and outboard marine engines and technical assistance on site and at sea in case of breakdown; water transport of passengers, management of jetties, navigation activities, piloting and anchoring, recovery activities in the water.

 Another distinctive element, for its uniqueness, originality and functionality, is represented by the management of the only floating dock on the Ionian coast. The jetty (essential for landing and docking operations) allows boats to stop in the water and use them within 24 hours, offering an efficient and quality service even in the absence of a port, combined with a relaxation and refreshment area facing the sea made even more enjoyable by a small natural pine forest that guarantees a shady location in the hot summer months.